Why does Infineon's LED projector flash?

2021-06-25 379

I believe that many people have seen the stroboscopic state of LED floodlights. Even the newly installed floodlights also have the stroboscopic state. So why does the floodlights show the stroboscopic state? In fact, stroboscopic refers to the fluctuation of the luminous flux of the electro-optical source. The greater the fluctuation of luminous flux, the stroboscopic is very obvious. In fact, the stroboscopic problem of LED lighting products has not been really solved. Let's make a general analysis.

1. Be disturbed

If you are careful, you will find that led floodlights will have stroboscopic problems when disturbed by some unknown invisible force. At this time, as long as the unknown invisible disturbing force is removed, the stroboscopic problem of the projector will disappear. Specifically, there are many kinds of unknown invisible forces, such as infrared, ultraviolet and so on.

2. Unstable voltage

The floodlight is operated by power supply. If the voltage is not stable, the floodlight will flicker. The voltage instability for a long time is easy to shorten the service life of the spotlight, so when using the spotlight, it is necessary to regularly check whether the voltage of the spotlight is stable.


3. Low current

One is to change the frequency below 100Hz, which can be captured by human eyes. Another kind of stroboscopic is to change the frequency above 100Hz, so the stroboscopic will not be seen. As for the traditional floodlight, because it is powered by alternating current, its brightness will change with the periodic change of alternating current, which is stroboscopic.

After reading the above reasons that affect the stroboscopic flash of LED floodlights, do we have an understanding of this stroboscopic problem? If we want to buy a projector with low stroboscopic condition, it is very important to choose the right manufacturer. For example, the brand of Jifeng optoelectronics is very good. It has a high reputation among domestic lighting lamp brands. We might as well consult and learn from the manufacturer's official website.

Article source: Infineon lighting http://www.515418.com

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