Characteristics of seven color specifications of Infineon lighting LED projector

2021-06-25 367

People who know about led floodlights should know that this kind of light is controlled by a built-in microchip, in which the function of power chip combination is more stable, suitable for a small range of floodlighting, while using a single high-power chip can achieve high power, and more suitable for long-distance and large-area floodlighting. So the projector has full-color, monochrome and seven color. What Xiao Bian wants to introduce to us is the characteristics of seven color standard.

1. Bright color combination

LED projector professional manufacturers use imported chips, color including red, green, yellow, blue, purple, blue, white and so on, you know, these colors are not fixed, can be customized according to customer requirements. The color combination of seven color standard projector is very bright, customers can not follow the traditional seven color color matching method, use some more eye-catching color combination, can also form a dot matrix screen, change out all kinds of pictures and pictures, text, animation, etc., which can not only add attention to attract attention, but also very good decoration object.


2. Low power

Some customers feel that seven color projectors are very expensive, so they are not willing to use them. However, the power of seven color projectors produced by professional manufacturers is very low, which can be said to save nearly one third of the power compared with ordinary incandescent lamps. Such a low power consumption, showing the colorful effect, package to customer satisfaction.

3. Long service life

The seven color projection produced by professional manufacturers use imported chips, and the lamp body uses aluminum alloy materials. The strong air convection planning makes the lamp body have outstanding heat dissipation effect and longer service life. With good waterproof function, easy to control, the device is also very convenient.

After understanding the characteristics of the above seven color standard LED projector, are we more willing to use the seven color standard? If you want to buy a good quality projector, you need to find a professional manufacturer. For example, Jifeng optoelectronics is very good, focusing on LED light source for more than 6 years.

Article source: Infineon lighting

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